Over the past year residents, visitors and students in Sutton have spoken with local organisations including schools and colleges, the council, NHS and police to let them know what they think about the borough and what they want it to become.

The Sutton Plan sets out what’s great about the borough, the big issues facing us and a shared vision for the future.  

So far we have met with over 1,000 people at a series of public events, over 70,000 people have seen our social media posts, and more than 250 residents have joined our online community to help us shape The Sutton Plan.

This website is the first combined attempt to capture everything we know about the borough as it is and what we think we need to do to make it the place we all want it to be. We have written a draft plan, The Sutton Plan, to consider our past, explore our present and plan for the future.


Section One

Sutton's story: Looking to our past to inform our future

Sutton is unique. It combines a high quality of life – green and spacious, more affordable housing than most of Greater London, distinctive town centres and outstanding schools – with the opportunities presented by the fast-paced growth and access to jobs and culture the capital has to offer. Sutton is well-placed to contribute to London’s success and also benefit from it, realising the potential of the city, the borough and our communities in the process.

Sutton's story so far

Section Two

The challenge ahead: Sharing opportunity and tackling inequality

However, this positive story does not ring true for all residents. For too many, a secure and happy home environment is elusive and the opportunities presented by new developments and economic growth remain out of reach.

The challenge ahead
the challenge ahead

Section Three

Our shared vision

We want to sustain and develop the good quality of life, access to decent jobs and services, and strong communities that we know are Sutton’s strengths. We also want to ensure that these benefits are shared by everyone in our community, tackling the inequalities experienced by some of our residents.

The vision

Section Four

The Sutton Plan priorities: Year one

The Sutton Plan partners have agreed to work together to turn this vision into reality – and to do our best to ensure that the good quality of life enjoyed by a majority of Sutton’s residents is within everyone’s grasp.

The Sutton Plan priorities

Section Five

Mapping out our future

Given the scale of our ambition we need to forge stronger relationships between local organisations if we are to enable and support our residents in their pursuit of happy and more fulfilling lives – and provide the public services they need and rely on.

The future

Section Six

Next steps

  • Engage with and talk to people, organisations and businesses
  • Improve the ways we work together
  • Coordinate organisational and leadership development


The next steps
The Story of Sutton

Section Seven

Have your say

This draft Sutton Plan is just that, a draft. We need the continued support and input from partners, residents, businesses and visitors to help us continue to refine our plan to embed the vision and principles we want to see here in Sutton.

Have your say