We cycled 2.5 times the length of the Tour de France

Posted on 16th July 2018

Thank you to everyone who signed up to The Sutton Plan programme on the BetterPoints app last year!

We had over 300 users, who as well as cycling a huge distance also:

  • Walked/ran the same distance as flying from London to LA 3 times
  • Travelled by bus the equivalent of 1800 laps of Silverstone race circuit
  • Burned the equivalent of 1,000 bags of sugar
  • Delivered a CO2 saving the equivalent of taking 2 cars a year off the road!

The feedback we had was really positive, with people reporting that they’d enjoyed taking part in the programme, and that it had motivated them to be more active. Here’s some key stats from the people that responded to our end of project survey:

  • 81% changed their work travel behaviour
  • 51% changed their leisure travel behaviour
  • 55% said they’d keep up the changes they’d made
  • 61% said they were more aware of air quality issues since using the app

This project was one of the Smart Place projects as part of the council’s eVolve digital programme.


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