Our approach

To achieve the relationships and ways of working that we need to achieve our vision we will:

Engage with and talk to people, organisations and businesses

We want The Sutton Plan to represent a genuinely shared vision, so will continue to explore the ideas set out in this plan with residents and organisations in Sutton.  In particular we will engage with businesses and communities in more deprived areas of the borough.

Improve the ways we work together

Our intention is that all of our work will be shaped, governed and delivered in partnership – public sector and other sectors working together. Improving the lives of people who experience inequality in the borough will form the initial work of the partnership. The role of the partnership will be to provide leadership and oversight, commit organisational time and resource to the year one initiatives, unblock barriers and consider the lessons and their relevance to future change.

The graphic below sets out the relationship between the vision and the strategic objectives and the partnership action learning work in Year one.

Coordinate organisational and leadership development

We believe that our organisations and our people need to understand what The Sutton Plan means for them and what they do, and that we need to invest in building the workforce that will be needed in the future. To begin this, we will explore establishing a Sutton-wide leadership development programme, across public, private and voluntary sectors.