Section Four

Sutton Plan priorities: Year one

The Sutton Plan partners have agreed to work together to turn this vision into reality – and to do our best to ensure that the good quality of life enjoyed by a majority of Sutton’s residents is within everyone’s grasp.

To this end, we have agreed to prioritise three initiatives over the next year – each one targeted at improving the lives of those of our fellow residents who find themselves at the hard edge of inequality across the borough:

  • Providing coherent, cross-partner support for young families at risk of disadvantage – collaborating on a new approach to early intervention that brings together midwives, health workers, children’s centres, social workers and the voluntary sector with the aim of creating a more rational, single point service.
  • Refocusing our energies on the victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse.
  • Building upon existing schemes to ensure that lower income older people live longer, more fulfilled and happy lives in the community.

We have also agreed to start thinking about a fourth priority:

  • Working together to make the borough a more attractive place to live, work and play for all age groups, maximising our potential for economic growth and forestalling the potential ‘missing generation.’

We will work closely with local residents and service users, to explore how the experience of engaging with local services and the outcomes for people who face challenges in their lives could be improved in practice.

We will report our findings before the final Sutton Plan is published in Spring 2018, so that they inform future public service reform in Sutton.