Sutton Health and Care Plan Discussion Document

Posted on 6th June 2019

Health and care organisations in Sutton are working more closely together as a partnership to make care better for local people. This will involve services being more joined–up and organised around what the individual needs, not by organisational boundaries.

Working together makes sense for professional staff and people from different organisations involved in delivering and supporting care. This provides greater opportunities to build strong and supportive care networks with different skills and roles, all focussed on better and more efficient health and care for the people of Sutton.

Leaders in Sutton of the NHS, the Local Authority, the Voluntary Sector and Healthwatch have over the past year reviewed the population’s health needs and current services, listened to local people, and have worked towards identifying shared local priorities.

We want to work together to support people in Sutton to start well, live well and age well, and have therefore used the learning from our reviews and what people have told us to develop a Sutton Health and Care Plan discussion document.

The discussion document sets out our aspirations for developing and delivering a number of initiatives over the next five years that will help us address our identified priorities. We will use this discussion document over the coming months to continue the conversation with people and communities most involved in and affected by the initiatives, about how they can help us put these into action. We hope the discussion document and summary provides you with a useful overview of our intentions to deliver better integrated health and care services.

We would be interested to hear your views on our discussion document by completing our survey ( by Friday, 21 June.

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