Section Five

Mapping out our future

Given the scale of our ambition we need to forge stronger relationships between local organisations if we are to enable and support our residents in their pursuit of happy and more fulfilling lives – and provide the public services they need and rely on.

In order to build this future together, we have identified five principles that public service providers, businesses and voluntary organisations have agreed as being crucial to Sutton’s future success. They will also determine how we work with local people and other local organisations to build greater capacity and strength within our communities, so that we can all play a role in achieving our shared ambitions. These principles represent our collective commitment to each other and to you.

The five principles are:

One – think Sutton first

We will prioritise the needs of Sutton and its communities, rather than any single organisation, throughout our work as a partnership. Residents, patients and service users will be at the heart of all of our discussions and decisions. We will listen to your issues and priorities and do our utmost to understand what is happening in your lives – and how you’d like us to respond. Residents will be asked to help drive forward the change needed in their streets and across the borough.

Two – work across sectors

We will build and sustain partnerships across all of the borough’s sectors. We will value the distinct contributions made by all of the bodies and organisations signed up to The Sutton Plan, and we will support each other as we work towards achieving our shared vision and objectives.

Three – get involved early

We will tackle the causes of problems, not merely react to their symptoms. We will look beyond traditional services for ways to tackle the root causes of social problems and disaffection.

Four – build stronger, self-sufficient communities

We will help communities work together, and in partnership with other local organisations, to build and maintain strong social networks and opportunities for individuals and organisations to work together.

Five – provide coordinated, seamless services

We will improve the way we work together behind the scenes to reduce the number of times people have to contact public services. Put simply, we will do what works best, regardless of who does it. In particular, we will work to enable as much health and care support as possible to take place at home and in the community.