Section Three

Our shared vision

We want to sustain and develop the good quality of life, access to decent jobs and services, and strong communities that we know are Sutton’s strengths. We also want to ensure that these benefits are shared by everyone in our community, tackling the inequalities experienced by some of our residents.

Our emerging, shared vision for the borough, its people and its services will promote the following:

One – a better quality of life and opportunity for all residents

  • Enshrining the principle of equality of access to services for all residents and all communities across the borough.
  • Striving to reduce the inequalities that persist between the wealthiest and the most disadvantaged parts of the borough.
  • Piloting joint early intervention schemes that tackle persistent social problems and injustice.
  • Promoting excellent educational opportunities and outcomes for all of the borough’s children and young people.
  • Empowering people to take part in the decisions that affect their lives and those of their families. 
  • Working to ensure that everyone in Sutton can live safely and securely in their streets and neighbourhoods.
  • Providing all residents with access to parks, green spaces and other leisure facilities and opportunities.

Two – places underpinned by inclusive and sustainable growth

  • Expanding and diversifying economic opportunities across the borough, including rejuvenating the nighttime economy – whilst staying true to the traditions of our neighbourhoods and town centres.
  • Championing inclusive growth and prioritising socially and environmentally sustainable housing and labour markets.
  • Developing a modern transport system that supports and enables this growth – allowing residents to travel within and beyond the borough with ease.
  • Working together to help build – and maintain – the homes that Sutton’s residents need and want.
Sutton Fairness Commission

The Sutton Fairness Commission was launched in February 2017 as the key vehicle for investigating and reporting on the challenges facing those residents and community members that face disadvantage and discrimination. Members of the Commission are drawn from amongst The Sutton Plan partners and the wider voluntary and community sector.

The Commission’s aim is to ‘eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations amongst all in the borough, including those with protected characteristics.’ It will produce its final report in December 2017 and will be a key determinant of the final version of the Sutton Plan when it is prepared and published in 2018.

Three – a coherent system of health and care that is shaped around the needs of Sutton’s residents

  • Collaborating on a better system of health and social care that provides responsive, seamless, personalised and affordable services for all of those who need them – reducing the need for expensive in-hospital care.
  • Further promoting single point of access services that are easy to navigate and offer the right care at the right time.
  • Building upon existing initiatives to increase individual and community resilience, including:

Sutton is the only London council to fund Admiral nurses – specialist dementia nurses who can help patients live in their own homes for longer, retaining comfort and independence in their lives. In its first twelve months the service, operated as a partnership between Dementia UK, the Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and the council, saved over £290,000 in health and care costs and improved the lives of many residents living with dementia. The service employs four nurses, supporting over 200 residents.

Social prescribing is a non-medical approach to dealing with health issues. It enables primary care services to refer people with social, emotional or practical needs to a range of local, non-clinical services, such as financial and pastoral support. Sutton CCG and the council are exploring how social prescribing might be provided locally as part of a partnership between GPs and a range of public, voluntary and community organisations.

Help Yourself to Health is a six week programme for migrant and black and minority ethnic communities / patients that aims to support learning about NHS Services and how to access them appropriately. The course raises awareness of key health prevention messages and and helps participants to take control of their general health and wellbeing. Further education and self-help initiatives have been rolled out, including courses for ‘Living with Diabetes’ and ‘Living with COPD’ – with more to follow.

Sutton Homes of Care Vanguard is one of only six ‘enhanced health in care home projects’ vanguards in England devoted to devising and delivering new models of residential care and improved, integrated health and rehabilitation services. The programme is being run by Sutton CCG in partnership with the council, Age UK Sutton, the Alzheimer’s Society and the borough’s 27 GP practices.

Better Contacts is a partnership between the council and the London Fire Brigade, aimed at providing preventative support to vulnerable residents across the borough, primarily by flagging up need and referring people to relevant public service providers. To begin with, the project is concentrating on reporting potential issues regarding fire prevention, safeguarding, alcohol and drug misuse, housing and employment needs.

These objectives represent the ideas we have explored and heard in the conversations we have had throughout the year, and will be refined as we continue these conversations in the future.

We need to join the dots between our services and see the world through our residents’ eyes, challenging our natural tendencies to protect our own organisations. We need to value and nurture our community organisations and local businesses, and support our residents to enable them to play an active part in their communities, looking after themselves – and looking out for each other.

We know that there are still huge inequalities across our borough – of health, wealth and life opportunities.

We are united in our commitment to give everyone the opportunity to lead happy, prosperous and fulfilling lives.

This is our central ambition and mission for Sutton – we hope that you’ll join us.